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Bonne et Heureuse Annee 2020

We have been living in a turbulent world where we saw the population going in the streets to defend what they believe it. So the only constant is change and the rate of change is accelerating exponentially. It becomes a rule year after year. It shows even more that we all need to develop a learning strategy and as one of the Director of CEOM mentions it: Success today is no more about what you know, It is about what you do not know. Do you agree? To your Family and yourself, Happy, Healthy & Prosperous New Year 2020 365 Days of Happiness 12 Months of Health & 1 year of Prosperity! PS1 We remain available to discuss your 2020 resolutions. PS2 Do you know what Quality Express Mentoring is? Check it out here.

CEO Mentoring - Dans la Presse

3 lieux ou vous ne vous attendez pas à trouver un mentor!


This article brings to the fore the huge complexities of managing a modern career. The massive amount of information, the speed imposed by technology, the need to get things done through others over whom we have little power, the push for innovation, the imperative to collaborate and set up partnerships,…exceed the bandwidth of any human mind…our traditional heuristics have become obsolete. We need help and Jud Linville (CEO of Citi Cards) is concluding that mentors can be the answer. But how do you find the right mentor? READ THE FULL ARTICLE in Fortune Insiders. CEO Mentoring does not only find the right suitable mentor but will also have available Subject Matter Experts (SME) to ensure the Mentor and the Client have the right expertise on board at any one time. CLICK – Access your free mentoring session!

CEO Mentoring - Dans la Presse

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Register and receive your free copy of our E-Book on Coaching and Mentoring. Over 80 pages to discover the different coaching and mentoring options. ACCESS IT HERE. CONTENT 1 Introduction 2 A model for thinking – Enhancing the senior executive 3 Life Coaching – Its nature and usage 4 Skills Coaching – Its nature and usage 5 Business Coaching – Its nature and usage 6 Executive Coaching – Its nature and usage 7 Oracle Mentoring – Its nature and usage 8 Mentoring in Confidence – Its nature and usage 9 Subject areas of expertise 10 Glossary

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Temoignages suite a nos entretiens de mentorat avec les Membres de Uruguay XXI


We were invited by URUGUAY XXI in October 2017 to deliver a workshop on how to successfully build the Export Business. Alongside the workshop, we were also delivering 1-2-1 mentoring sessions with a selected of companies from small medium size to large companies. As the world is becoming more complex and unpredictable, it is therefore more challenging for any CEO or top Executive to identify what is the right decision to be made for the business. In one hour or as we call it Quality Express Mentoring, you can expect significant value added brought to your business and it will positively impact personal and business growth. Discover a few testimonials from Uruguayan Companies we worked with: 1. Andres Barreiro de ITSystemsInnova “Fue sumamente enriquecedor pese a tener solo una hora”. 2. German Clark de Shaman “Paul fue muy directo, racional y objetivo sobre los aspectos a mejorar y acciones a tomar para apalancar la marca Shaman…

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Le Gouvernement Uruguayen fait confiance à CEO Mentoring – Workshop Export à Montevideo

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On October 24th and 25th 2017, Uruguay XXI, Government Agency for foreign investment in Uruguay and Exports, is organising an Export Workshop and individual mentoring sessions for all companies looking to grow globally. Paul Griffiths & Thierry Bayle, Founding Partners at CEO Mentoring will be delivering a the workshop on the « 7 key factors to grow sales internationally » as well as the 1-2-1 mentoring sessions. You will also learn more about the ISB process ( International Sales Booster ) which helps you increase sales and profitability when exporting and growing sales domestically. Please note that the 2 days are delivered in Spanish. We welcome your questions that you can email at marketing AT ceo-mic DOT com. We will discuss all types of businesses and focus on companies selling products or services including IT, consumer goods and groceries, Fashion, Retail … Resources URUGUAY XXI – Workshop on October 25th 2017. Tel +598 2915 3838 Mentoring…

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€50 00 de Financement pour les PME dans la Mode/Luxe/Retail


CEO Mentoring has built a partnership with Global Fashion Management to ensure that more robust management tools and practices are implemented. It is also the opportunity to staple a Mentor to promising Designers, Brands and Retailers. CEO Mentoring in the Press Fashion United – Online Fashion Platform MWB – MensWearBuyer PRESS RELEASE – Funding to Support SMEs in the Fashion Business Aimed at incorporating experience through mentoring and subject matter expert services Global Fashion Management (GFM), a niche player in the global fashion services space based out of the UK, has made available a € 50,000 fund to subsidise initiatives to help small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the fashion business to incorporate robust management practices. This programme is funded and carried out in conjunction with CEO Mentoring (CEOM), a global player in mentoring services, which provides Mentors and Subject Matter Experts to the SMEs through its global network. It…

CEO Mentoring - Dans la Presse

Communiqué de presse – Lancement international de CEO Mentoring


CEO Mentoring Pte Ltd is pleased to announce the global launch of an exclusive premium new service for top executives of corporations. CEO Mentoring Pte Ltd (CEOM) specializes in the provision of premium mentoring (in confidence) to top CEOs, “C” suite executives, succession targets in organisations, newly promoted executives, new appointees to senior roles and for executives undergoing separation from their organisation. CEOM delivers its services across the globe in a range of formats driven by the needs of their clients. Although CEOM values face-to-face engagement, many of CEOM’s mentors and subject matter experts (SMEs) are dispersed around the world. CEOM secures the right expertise and support regardless of its location. READ the full Press Release: ceo-mentoring-global-launch-press-release1 To know more, for images or for interviews with the Co-Founders, email us at