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Como sobrevivir en una grande Empresa?

I have had the opportunity of experiencing and observing corporate life and culture from within the organisation as a manager, CEO and board member; and from the outside looking in, as an advisor, consultant, researcher, shareholder and observer. I have thus been able to reflect on the operations and effectiveness of corporations and organisations in the for-profit, not for-profit and government sectors; and on the people within those organisations. In that context, I am firmly convinced that to survive and ‘prosper’ (from a career perspective) in an organisation, one needs to understand the corporate context in which the ‘game is played’, and be competent in the ‘playing of the game.’ I am of the view that people within larger organisations who have career aspirations within or beyond those organisations, need to practice the 10 Laws of Corporate Survival. 1. Non-Existence of a Cultural Vacuum. Understand that the organisation is not…

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EEUU- Elecciones presidenciales- Lecciones para les negocios y la politica

usa politics -lessons in business

We are in the silly season of presidential elections and this year the world is watching what the crazy Americans are going to do. As amazing and frustrating as this election has been, there are some real lessons for business owners buried in the weeds. These lessons are mainly common sense but they tell a great story if only the powers that be would listen. 1. The customer is always right. That does not mean that you can’t fool the customer or cheat a customer. What it does mean is that if you continue to do it over and over you will ruin your brand, tarnish your reputation and lose your customers. In this election the voter is the customer and the political parties have been selling one story and delivering a different story for many years. Call it the absence of truth in advertising. The customer is fed up…

Gestion de la empresa

El Suceso – Como ser positivo siempre!

may the force be with you - curse of success

A couple of days ago, I was in the car and forced to stop for some roadworks. There was a guy, part of the road gang, standing on the road with a stop sign. I presumed that this was his job – day in, day out. He was dishevelled despite wearing road-working gear, unshaven, smoking (of course), and when I got close enough, I noticed his glazed-over eyes and general look of life-fatigue. We were held there for a while and I kept watching him – wondering what sort of life this guy had – what level of satisfaction – what expectations and ambitions – what stories he would take home to his family (if he had one). Based on a scale of relativity with high priced executives at one end, this guy would surely be somewhere near the other end. Based on a success scale, this chap would obviously…