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Expertos a su disposicion: Mas de 200 industrias y sectores.


We are excited to share with you a list of industries and sectors that our approved MICs (Mentor In confidence) and SMEs (Subject Matter Expert) have experience in. This list is regularly enhanced as new Mentors and SMEs are added. Aerospace (including unmanned aerial vehicles) risk management and legal strategy Agents, sales agents & distributors recruitment & managemement (Fashion) Airline operation and control Airline process optimization Aligning business, sales, HR and technology Anti-bribery and corruption training and communication Apparel, leathergoods, accessories and jewelry Authentic Leadership, Self Awareness and Emotional Intelligience Aviation training Behavioural economics / risk management Brand Management Board Advisory Building and maintaining an ethical and compliance culture Business and financial management Business change Business development in aerospace, insurance, procuring investment Business Planning Business strategy Business Transformation Buying and Merchandising (open to buy plan and concept) Buzan’s Mind Mapping and Speed Reading Career Counselling & Development Career transitioning Category…

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Somos Viernes – Tiempo para descansar

We live in a serious World however, once in a while, we need to relax and laugh. Apart from giving you a little break, we wish the Friday video to open your eyes on a new way to see things. We want the video to bring critical thinking. 1. Check this video and see how a Cafe in the USA  (Roanoke Coffee Shop) decided to make a difference in our world. He decided to tackled in a very unique creative way rude people who would forget to say «hello» or «please» when ordering their favourite coffee. Viral at its best! 2. We hold no shares in the business featured in this video however it shows very well communication challenges inside this organisation. How do you communicate? How do you make sure your Team understands the message and knows how to apply it? Does the message produce the expected results? Our mentors are…

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Transformar su negocio para ser impulsado digitalmente


In the last quarter of 2018 Bridges Business Consultancy Int and PerformanceWorks partnered to identify what 1,874 leaders, across Asia Pacific, North American and Europe, were thinking about the impact of digital on their business and how they were addressing the challenges it raised, with some fascinating realizations. Almost half of all leaders interviewed are not prepared for digital transformation – The readiness of leaders to adopt digital in their businesses is much lower than anticipated, despite it being so widely discussed. Only 6 out of 10 organizations have a digital vision and Europe is lagging behind Asia Pacific and US. This result surprised us. From our work and travels, we had anticipated that transforming to digital would be high on the leaders’ agenda for this year. Digital is leveling the competitive playing field. Across all three continents, companies are starting from the same place in transforming to a digital…

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Citas inspiradoras y de negocios

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The best way to break a habit is to drop it. Newspaper Editor, Leo Aikman Your worst enemy is within! Change your mindset & see you grow as well as your business. Founder Global Fashion Management – Thierry Bayle If you want the present to be different from the past, study the past. Baruch Spinoza I myself have benefited from many mentors throughout my life. Founder of Virgin – Richard Branson If you find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead anywhere. Frank A Clark Wake up every day & look forward to learning something new. What have you learned today? Founder of Virgin – Richard Branson An optimist sees an opportunity in every calamity; a pessimist sees a calamity in every opportunity. Winston Churchill Your time is limited so don’t live the life of somebody’s else. Steve Jobs Obstacles & Problems can’t stop you.Most of all, other…

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Oferta para los Miembros de Connect Americas – Mentoring in Confidence


Gracias por asistir al seminario de CEO MENTORING con ConnectAmericas y la banca IADB. Estamos encantados de contar con usted a bordo y con ganas de establecer y hacer crecer un negocio más rentable. Como miembros de ConnectAmericas, estamos extendiendo una oferta especial de Mentoring. Por favor, toma accion antes del 31 de Marzo. Usted podrá disfrutar de 1. nuestro servicio de Mentoring In Confidence o 2. una sesión de mentoria colectiva mensual junto con un tiempo individual con su mentor. Descubre las condiciones a continuación y regístrate ANTES de la medianoche del 31 de marzo. NIVEL DE SERVICIO DE MENTORIA Bronze – Para CEOs o Ejecutivos Senior que forman parte de una compañía que realiza menos de US $ 5M en ventas por año. Plata – Para CEOs o Ejecutivos Senior que forman parte de una empresa que realiza menos de US $ 15M en ventas por año. Oro…

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Feliz Navidad 2017

for a new year towards progress

The Team at CEO Mentoring wishes your Family and yourself a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year 2017. As we look back in 2016, we see how there has been some radical changes around us and around the world however not always towards progress. As a result, as we enter 2017, we will be asking ourselves whether we have reached our goals for 2016 and how we can embark in a «New Year and a New You». We remain committed to your personal and business success and our Mentors and Subject Matter Experts will bring the value added you need to reach the next step. 2017 is a Year for Progress. Change is a given! Time flies, we get older … however we control whether we want progress for our business, our family and for ourselves.   Trust yourself to reach new heights and together with the right support system,…

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