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Leadership – Como mejorar los resultados

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Proactive, collaborative and transparent leaders consider, the effect and reaction from others when looking at what changes in action, behaviour or management style will have over the team or department in their organisations. These leaders carefully measure how a decision relating to one department will affect the entire organisation. They will have an awareness of where to initiate the first action to best affect the remaining team members. These leaders understand that their work and those of each manager is only made possible with the collaboration, trust and momentum that comes from their team. These Transformational leaders approach each situation from a place of internal motivation, using this force to power the collective mission and vision of the organisation. By instilling equal value and power into everyone within the organisational, the leader is trusting that the change in the individual will inevitably affect a change throughout the entire organisation. To…

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Management and Cancer in the modern world

Today with Jack, as corporate advisors, we have met and dealt with hundreds if not thousands of managers at all levels of the organisation over a total of 60 years between us. When we reflect on them and their performance, and despite their general desire to perform well for their employer (and its shareholders), we can’t help but hold an uncharitable view of the management community. 1. It is the rare manager indeed, who will welcome attitudes and opinions that flag dangers to the organisations. By implications, those negative opinions might create a perception of that manager as lacking skills because they should have identified and dealt with the issue or danger themselves. It is a threat to the manager and will in most cases be rejected by the manager. Consultants who ‘tell it how it is’ experience this all the time. The consultant or advisor might be blamed for not…

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Transformar su negocio para ser impulsado digitalmente


In the last quarter of 2018 Bridges Business Consultancy Int and PerformanceWorks partnered to identify what 1,874 leaders, across Asia Pacific, North American and Europe, were thinking about the impact of digital on their business and how they were addressing the challenges it raised, with some fascinating realizations. Almost half of all leaders interviewed are not prepared for digital transformation – The readiness of leaders to adopt digital in their businesses is much lower than anticipated, despite it being so widely discussed. Only 6 out of 10 organizations have a digital vision and Europe is lagging behind Asia Pacific and US. This result surprised us. From our work and travels, we had anticipated that transforming to digital would be high on the leaders’ agenda for this year. Digital is leveling the competitive playing field. Across all three continents, companies are starting from the same place in transforming to a digital…

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Que la MODA e UNITED AIRLINES tienen en comun?

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On April 9th, a United Airlines customer on a flight from Chicago to Louisville was dragged out of the plane due to seats that needed to be given to crew members awaited in Louisville the next day. It was done by security personnel in such a violent way that the customer had blood on his face and the videos of the incident were all over the internet. Even though it does not take away the responsibility from United Airlines, the flight the customer was boarding was a United Express flight run by Republic Airlines. When there is an overbooking (and/or possibly the need to find a seat for a crew member), the airlines have the duty to offer compensation which we understand can go up to $1350 however only $800 was offered to the customer (according to sources via CNN). United Airlines CEO, Oscar Munoz,  has won the PRWeek «Communicator…

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La cerrada de la Banca Italiana abre una nueva era.


December 23rd was an eventful day for observers of the global banking system. On the last real working day of the year for many, reality caught up with events and it was admitted that the private sector capitalization or bail-in of the Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena has failed. The € 5b required to capitalise and save the bank did not materialise. The bank will now be nationalised, which demarks the end of 544 years of service for the oldest bank in the world. But this is not quite the end of the story – the Italian government will find it very hard to produce the US$ 54b it needs to close the collective hole in Italian banks’ balance sheets. It is paradoxical that while the Monte dei Paschi private rescue package did not happen, on the other side of the pond the US authorities agreed to settle with…

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La compra – The Art and Science of Buying

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In light of what is happening on the High Street in the UK with BHS, it is important to re-emphasise that we are having a key retail asset which is often not taken care of. At BHS Limited from 2010 to 2014, sales went down 15% and stock went up 50%. Is that normal? What is the issue faced by many retailers from large chain stores to independent retailers: Buying! As you are placing orders for the SS or AW season, you must be having the following 2 questions in mind: How can I make this buying process easier? How can I maximise my profits on the stock I am buying – which is my number 1 asset? Let’s focus on 2 key elements which will help you put more £ / € or $ in your pocket. Guaranteed! You have the art of buying and you know what to…