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Social Media Thought Leadership As A CEO


Did you know that content shared by the owner of a business receives 8x MORE engagement than content shared by a business social media account?

There has been a significant shift in the way a business communicates with their customers online. It’s time for you to change your mindset, and think about social media as part of your “customer experience” journey.

What does the phrase “social media” mean to you? Does it mean a way to connect with friends and family, or is it just another phrased used to define the route to market a business online? Let’s take the first word; social. The meaning of this word is often forgotten when people talk about social media and the idea of delivering a social experience. Just like Scott Cook said; “A brand is no longer what we tell the customer it is. It is what customers tell each other it is”.

Using Social Media as a brand is one thing, but what about thought leadership as the CEO of a company?

Sharing content online as a thought leader and the CEO of your business is so important, more important than I realised. I recently came across some statistics from Entrepreneur which reinforced the importance of this for me.

According to, 92% of people trust recommendations from individuals (even if they don’t know them) over brands, and brand messages are re-shared 24 times more frequently when posted by the CEO rather than the brand’s social media channels.

This brings me nicely to building your personal brand through Social Media as a CEO for 2017. We are almost in the new year, and it is time for you to take that next step and become a success, as you, as well as your business.

So, how will you do this? What actions will you take in 2017? …. As a leader or CEO, #ThinkDigitalFirst.

To be continued…


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