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Relax – It’s Friday


We live in a serious World however, once in a while, we need to relax and laugh.
Apart from giving you a little break, we wish the Friday video to open your eyes on a new way to see things. We want the video to bring critical thinking.

Check this video and see how a Cafe in the USA  (Roanoke Coffee Shop) decided to make a difference in our world.
He decided to tackled in a very unique creative way rude people who would forget to say “hello” or “please” when ordering their favourite coffee.
Viral at its best!

We hold no shares in the business featured in this video however it shows very well communication challenges inside this organisation.
How do you communicate? How do you make sure your Team understands the message and knows how to apply it? Does the message produce the expected results?

Our mentors are always here to help so sit down and watch this video

Enjoy the week end and see you next time.



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Thank you to WDBJ7  – CBS affiliated television station – for bringing us this video.

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