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List of Industries & Sectors our Mentors and Experts have experience in


We are excited to share with you a list of industries and sectors that our approved MICs (Mentor In confidence) and SMEs (Subject Matter Expert) have experience in.
This list is regularly enhanced as new Mentors and SMEs are added.

Aerospace (including unmanned aerial vehicles) risk management and legal strategy
Agents, sales agents & distributors recruitment & managemement (Fashion)
Airline operation and control
Airline process optimization
Aligning business, sales, HR and technology
Anti-bribery and corruption training and communication
Apparel, leathergoods, accessories and jewelry
Authentic Leadership, Self Awareness and Emotional Intelligience
Aviation training
Behavioural economics / risk management
Brand Management
Board Advisory
Building and maintaining an ethical and compliance culture
Business and financial management
Business change
Business development in aerospace, insurance, procuring investment
Business Planning
Business strategy
Business Transformation
Buying and Merchandising (open to buy plan and concept)
Buzan’s Mind Mapping and Speed Reading
Career Counselling & Development
Career transitioning
Category Management
Change management
Change management facilitation
Chemical compliance (fashion)
Claims management and risk awareness training
Communication skills
Compliance leadership training and mentorship
Compliance program and strategy specific to the risks and culture of the business
Continuous Process Improvement (TQM)
Corporate governance
Cost management
Creative Thinking Skills
Crisis communication
Crisis Management, negotiation and diplomacy
Cross-border commercial contract management
Cross cultural leadership (Religion)
Cultural change, transformation
Data Warehousing, Marts and Data Mining
de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats, Lateral Thinking, and Directed Thinking
Decision Hierarchy
Decision making models
Decreasing effort for greater impact and more fulfillment
Deliberate Creative Thinking, Applied Creativity & Innovation
Design management
Design strategy
Design thinking
Development of soft leadership skills for future leaders
Digital leadership
Digital marketing
Dispute Resolution
Drone aerial vehicles
Employee relations, HR and transformational change points
Effective use of interpersonal communication strategies
Environmental scanning
Ethical business and organisational culture to enhance and protect reputation
Ethics and values based leadership
Executive coaching
Executive coaching (Religion)
Executive stress management
Export planning services: Middle East, Oceania and South East Asia
Fashion Brand Management
Financial analysis
Flight planning
Forensic Analysis
Founder transition (Religion)
General Aviation topics
General Management
Global sourcing (fashion)
Governance and compliance
Human Resources Management
ICT Consulting
Identification of business opportunities, intermediaries and strategic partners and competitor profiling: Middle East, Oceania and South East Asia
Increasing personal power for professional success
Influence Psychology
Information and Telco Technologies, Manufacturing and Company development
Innovation and innovation management (product, process, organization, marketing)
Innovation Facilitation
Innovation in banking
Innovation strategy and management
Insurance industry
Intergenerational Leadership / Management
Interim Management
International business
International business development: Middle East
International business development: Oceania
International business development: South East Asia
International licensing
International luxury branded industry – brand management
International sales and distribution
Interpersonal conflict management and mediation
Investment managemet
IT industry, software, services
IT outsourcing
Knowledge Management
Latin America
Leadership (Religion – Glenn Williams)
Leadership development (Religion – Glenn Williams)
Leadership in cultural and situational contexts
Leadership influence-building
Leadership in Governance, Risk, Compliance, Assurance
Life Counselling
Litigation Support
Logistics and sourcing
Logistics management
Management coaching
Management consulting
Management system design and documentation
Manage stress and anxiety with effective time management
M&A risk assessments (on top of traditional due diligence)
Market entry channels
Market entry logistics, packaging and labelling requirements, product trials, marketing communications including relevant trade events
Market entry pricing
Market entry strategy: Middle East, Oceania and South East Asia
Market research: Middle East, Oceania and South East Asia
Mastering Money Mindsets
Mediating disputes
Mentoring & Councelling
Mergers, Acquisitions, Exits
Motivation and inspiration in leadership
Moving beyond habits of thinking and behaviour
Multi level, high value strategic selling and account development
Negotiation Advisory Services
Negotiation deadlocks, disputes and deals
Neuro-Linguistic programming NLP
Not-for-Profit Executive Management
Online business growth
Operational excellence
Operational transformation
Order to cash process
Organisational coherence and integration
Organisational design
Organisational Development
Organisational Effectiveness Analyses & Improvement
Organizational Mentoring Culture and Programs
Organizational Performance: Application of Mind and Brain Sciences
Organisational Structure
Partnership based organisations
Performance Management
Performance reporting and management
Performance under pressure / regulation of states of mind for optimum performance
Personal coaching and mentoring
Personal transformation
Personal vision, career, business vision
Persuasion Science
Policy drafting and managing to satisfy government regulations
Policy formulation and political advise
Presentation Skills
Private Investigator
Product launch
Problem solving – corporate and organisational
Process accessment, implementation and training
Procurement automation
Procurement strategy
Product Sourcing
Program management
Project Management
Project risk management
Process Reengeneering
Property and casualty insurance
Public Relations
Public Speaking
Quality Assurance (fashion)
Qualitative analysis
Quantitative analysis
Reinsurance services, organisation, distribution, new markets
Relationship between character and performance (Religion)
Reputation Management
Retail Buying & Merchandising – Open to Buy
Retail / Franchising / FMCG Consulting
Retail loyalty, prepaid, gift cards B2B and employee benefits
Retail Management
Retail store financial set up (break even analysis, cash flow projection, 1st open to buy or buying plan)
Revenue protection (team moves, restrictive covenants and protecting your business)
Review of general quantitative or qualitative analyses
Risk and Crisis Management (for ANY industry, project, endeavor)
Sales account management strategies
Sales and marketing
Sales and operations planning process
Sales force strategic re-alignment
Sales leadership skills
Self esteem and self efficacy
Senior leadership
Shareholder Centric Management
Shareholder Metrics
Shareholder Relationships
Shareholder value
Social compliance (fashion)
Stakeholder trust
Start up Due Diligence and evaluation (including risks)
Start up
Strategy development and execution plans
Strategic and operational alignment (Religion – Glenn Williams)
Strategic Development
Strategic information technology
Strategic Mentor Coaching Programs
Strategic planning
Strategy: Corporate and organisational
Strategy: ICT alignment in banking
Strategy: Implementation
Strategy: personal
Stress Mastery Strategies: A Success System For Performing Under Pressure
Succession planning (Religion)
Supply chain planning
Supply chain management
Technology adoption
Technology optimisation in business
Telecommunications – consulting
Telecommunications – R&D and business enhancement
Telecommunications Engineering
The Neuroscience of Leadership Development
Trade Show optimisation for exhibitors (Fashion)
Training and Coaching
Transformational work with people at points of transformation
Transition Management: Change, Divorce, Retirement, Career, Significant Loss
Troubleshooting – Corporate and Organisational
Value management and value analysis/value engineering
Visioning – corporate and organisational
Work-life balance

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  1. Frank Ashe

    Looking through the list, perhaps a couple of areas that overlap industry groups could be added: quantitative analysis statistical analysis.
    I also cover the risk management area, which is missing from the above list.

    1. mm

      Thierry Bayle

      Thank you – We have been adding all the experience or expertise brought forward by our Mentors (MICs) and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). Will verify this one and of course adding new ones regularly.

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