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The Loneliness in Leadership


  When we speak of “leadership” most people unsurprisingly think of CEOship. The reality is that although CEOs are certainly leaders, there are other leaders in the organisation apart from the CEO. Every person who has the responsibility for other people, is a leader of those people, regardless of where in the organisation they find themselves. The CEO is the leader of the entire organisation, but the field supervisors, for example, are responsible for, and the leaders of, the people and functions under their control. A leader is frequently very lonely in the role – not because they don’t have people to talk to, but because they can’t say certain things to certain people. This is not about “friendship” but about effectiveness. Everybody wants to be friends with the leader – it feels nice, it empowers the friend, and it strokes the ego – and that’s all OK and fairly…


The Curse of Success

may the force be with you - curse of success

A couple of days ago, I was in the car and forced to stop for some roadworks. There was a guy, part of the road gang, standing on the road with a stop sign. I presumed that this was his job – day in, day out. He was dishevelled despite wearing road-working gear, unshaven, smoking (of course), and when I got close enough, I noticed his glazed-over eyes and general look of life-fatigue. We were held there for a while and I kept watching him – wondering what sort of life this guy had – what level of satisfaction – what expectations and ambitions – what stories he would take home to his family (if he had one). Based on a scale of relativity with high priced executives at one end, this guy would surely be somewhere near the other end. Based on a success scale, this chap would obviously…

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Business Quote – Michael John Bobak

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“All progress takes place outside the comfort zone.” Michael John Bobak. Do you agree with the above? We are of course referring to important changes. Changes or progress which are just a continuation of what already exist may not get us outside the comfort zone. As soon as we get outside our comfort zone, it requires that we have the right state of mind. And getting the right state of mind may also mean that we are challenged to review the way we work or think.  

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CEO Mentoring at International Trade Show WHO’S NEXT in Paris


CEO Mentoring will be available to meet up with Fashion Brands and Retailers during the International Fashion Trade Show Who’s Next. The Show is taking place in Paris at Porte de Versailles between September 2nd to 5th 2016. A trade show dedicated to womenswear, menswear and accessories with renowned Premiere Classe which hosts hundreds of Accessories Brands from all around the world. Check the programme of conferences and seminars. CEO Mentoring has set up a dedicated hotline to reach us and our Fashion experts. One of them is also acting as Retail Expert for the Show. Hotline +33 6 7338 5350.